Ukraine Travel Guide

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- Explore the “secret-city” of Balaclava and tour its hidden nuclear submarine base.
- Blaze new trails in hidden ski towns where military-grade vehicles serve as impromptu ski-lifts.
- Uncover the odd bars of Lviv, its speakeasies and how to get in.
- Sleep in the grandiose apartments of past oligarchs in Odessa.
- Drink horilka with the locals and learn to toast with the best of them.
- Have an existential crisis while touring the deserted town of Prypiat in Chernobyl.
- Learn why Ukrainians fear “the draft,” why not to whistle indoors, and what is meant by a flick of the neck.

Verified Purchase Reviews:

I know Ukraine quite well. Ms. Hardaway gives a perspective that only a person living in the country for a decent period of time would understand. Ukraine is a wonderful country to visit. – Kevin S.

The author invest a lot of time in researching this guide. It has far more information than I require for my intended visit. The book provides many restaurants and sites of interest in each area that I hope to explore, so I will be busy enough pursuing the featured locations. Robert S. 

Informative, yet quirky at times. As someone who’s spent time in the “Soviet-bloc”, I could appreciate the level of humor when describing the country’s culture and transition from the communist umbrella. Hardaway also did a great job of distancing herself from the Lonely Planet series, adding colorful backgrounds to locales and a thoughtful approach to everyday life that could only come from a person who lived in the region. SCB